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Manila table

Kawayan Piña Coasters, Set of 2

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100% Piña handwoven from Balete, Aklan donning a Kawayan border, the symbol of strength in the Philippines.

Piña has long been treasured due to its meticulous, time-consuming production process—from extracting the pineapple plant fibers, washing and drying the fibers in the sun, patiently knotting by hand three to four feet of fibers together to form thread, weaving threads into cloth on looms, and then embroidering the fabric. Result is the finest of Philippine textiles, elegantly delicate with its natural creamy hue.

It is with great honor that we bring together the best in hand weaving from Balete, Aklan and embroidery from Lumban, Laguna through these exclusive table pieces.

Fabric: 100% Piña

Size: Approx 12 cm x 12 cm

Care: Gentle hand-wash using cold water or dry clean. Iron on low to medium setting while still damp.

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